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Syria Issues Official Fees & Implementing Regulations for New Patents Law, Utility Models, Layout Design, Integrated Circuits, Undisclosed Information

26-Jun-2012 | Source : | Visits : 9544
DAMASCUS - Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) announced in a press release that the Syrian Minister of Economy and Trade Dr. Mohammad Nidal al-Sha'ar has issued the Implementing Regulations for the new Syrian Patent Law, Utility Models, Layout Design, Integrated Circuits, and Undisclosed Information along with the official fees.

The new official fees included fees for filing, examination, oppositions, annuities, patenting and other related services concerning patents of invention, utility models and layout designs whether submitted by individuals or enterprises.

Meanwhile, the 131-Article Implementing Regulations included the patentable and non-patentable inventions, procedures for filing applications, required documents for filing, patents transfer, priority right and border measures.

The new annuities fees will be applied on the patents, which were registered under the previous law.

For those pending patent applications, which were filed under the former law, and are still under consideration, the Patent Office has not yet decided whether they will be progress under the former fees or the new fees.

AGIP is revising its professional fees accordingly and the list of its charges will be posted soon.

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