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First To File® Rolls Out USTPO e-Office Action Notification System to Streamline Document Workflow

11-Jul-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7962

SAN MATEO, CA - First To File®, a leading provider of SaaS-based IP management technology, today announced the release of its new integration with the USPTO e-Office Action notification system, which significantly reduces PTO correspondence processing overhead. 

According to the company, the simplification process works as follows: FTF’s EFR system receives the e-Office Action on behalf of the customer, and then downloads the corresponding files from the USPTO PRIVATE PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) system, importing them directly into the customer’s document file folder on EFR. Once the documents are automatically checked-in, an alert about the arrival of the new documents can be sent to anyone on the IP team – docketing, attorneys, clients, etc. Furthermore, docketing can use the system’s review interface to quickly and efficiently process the newly imported documents. This powerful tool results in significantly less time downloading Private PAIR correspondence and enables attorneys to have faster access to vital time-sensitive materials. 

This new functionality is currently utilized at several FTF customer sites including Young & Thompson, a top IP law firm based in Virginia. According to the firm’s Director of Administration Christopher J. Sale, “The First To File USPTO PAIR retrieval tools have been of immense benefit for our firm. We no longer have to worry about downloading USPTO mail to our case files and organizing staff to perform this repetitive function. It now automatically retrieves PTO documents each morning without any user intervention and saves them to our case files before our staff even arrives at the office. This greatly assists the efficiency of our internal processes.” 

First To File CEO James P. Bergeron explains, “IP operations at corporations and law firms are under more pressure than ever to be efficient and up-to-date with their information. Therefore, our development team has responded by further expanding its integration with the USPTO systems to enable early retrieval of patent documents and to work in tandem with its e-Office Action notification system. First To File’s Private PAIR Automated Document Download System runs continuously and automatically throughout the day to help IP attorneys and docketing professionals to stay on top of their cases. IP documentation and correspondence are often an organization’s most valuable assets, and our technology ensures that corporations and law firms can protect, track and verify the integrity of the information managed, and can notify the appropriate people to prevent potential risk or error.”

Founded in 2006, First To File (FTF) is a software company based in San Mateo, California specializing in intellectual property information management technology. First To File’s products automate the storage, management and analysis of legal documents worldwide, enabling law firms and corporate legal professionals to reduce risk and work more effectively.


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