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Brands Should Keep on Top of New Social Media Techniques in Order to Keep Campaigns Fresh - Punch Communications

06-Sep-2012 | Source : | Visits : 8933
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LONDON - The social media industry is constantly changing, and with new and innovative techniques coming into play on a regular basis, brands should know how to keep on top of these changes in order to produce fresh campaigns, says integrated PR agency Punch Communications.

Many of the key social media platforms update their features to keep in line with developing trends and industry fluctuations. In light of this, there are a number of ways brands can tailor their campaigns to take advantage of the latest features, including new platforms.

George Guildford, account director at Punch says: “Of course, the social media industry is one which is continually evolving and updating itself to keep in line with technology. In order to adapt, there are several ways brands and companies can stay on top of any changes, including staying current with industry news. One of the main ways to go about this is to monitor popular social news sites on a daily basis. Sites such as Mashable and The Next Web supply round-the-clock reporting and are ideal sources for campaign research. Furthermore, many of these sites also have their own Twitter feeds that publish the most relevant stories.”

George continues: “In addition to this, brands can also use newsletters and webinars to keep up to date with social media news. Webinars, similar to seminars, can be either free or paid for, and can be found either via searching Twitter or by using directories such as 

Another way, and one which utilizes the medium itself, is by organizing or attending a ‘Tweet up’. Arranging these virtual meetings on Twitter will give brands an insight into emerging techniques, as well as the opportunity to share their views and experiences.”

With an industry as fast-paced as social media, the rate of new features and tools emerging for each platform doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of slowing down. As a result, brands must note the importance of staying ahead of any changes and the benefits this will bring to their campaigns.

Punch Communications is an integrated PR, SEO and social media agency with a client base from start-ups to global brands.


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