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TVP Solar Wins WIPO Innovative Enterprise Award 2012

08-Nov-2012 | Source : | Visits : 8036
GENEVA - Swiss company TVP Solar announced in a press release that it won the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Award for the solar air-cooling demo project installed at the Marrakesh testing platform of the Agence Nationale Pour le Développement des Energies Renouvelables (“ADEREE”). The introduction to ADEREE was thanks to the Fondation Suisse Maroc pour le Développement Durable (“FSMD”), and the award ceremony was the capstone to the 5th edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Economic Symposium at the United Nations today in Geneva.

Launched in 2000, the (WIPO) Innovative Enterprise Award is presented yearly as a means of promoting the public awareness of the intellectual property (“IP”) system and of its advantages for businesses.

The award is a distinction given to companies that are actively using the IP system in their research, development, production or commercial activities.

“Intellectual property and patents represent the underlying value behind our technology and products,” says Piero Abbate, CEO of TVP Solar.

“International protection is a key to success in a high-tech environment, forming high barriers to entry and offering licensing opportunities.”

Dr. Vittorio Palmieri, TVP Solar’s CTO and patent author added: “We have a portfolio of 11 patents, which protect the core technology, product specs and manufacturing processes. This recognition from WIPO demonstrates the inventivity and innovation of our IP for solar thermal.”

TVP Solar expects to revolutionize the solar industry and renewable technologies, serving large air-conditioning consumers, such as commercial/office buildings and data centers, with a payback period below six years without incentives in select countries with its MT-Power panels.

TVP Solar SA is a Swiss company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels based on patented technology. TVP Solar is a gamechanger in the solar thermal industry, effectively competing with electricity in the cooling and
industrial process heat markets, while introducing new thermal energy-producing roofs for the residential market.

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