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The International Conference on IPR Returns for Fifth Edition

13-Jan-2013 | Source : | Visits : 34289
BANGALORE - The 5th International Intellectual Property Rights Conference will take place at The Lalit Ashok Hotel in Bangalore from Jan. 23 to 30, 2013. Organized by Kolkata-based IP firm, ITAG, a subsidiary of TCI finance where Gati, the logistic giant, has a significant stake, the IP conference will span across eight days steered by about 340 speakers from as many as 30 countries. Titled 'IPR, the powerhouse of tomorrow' the conference will deal with specific technology in various industries. The objective is to create an overall awareness among the policy makers and attorneys in India.

According to the official website of the event, ITAG is focusing on making it more informative to ensure good participation. ITAG Business Solutions Ltd. is a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company in the domain of all IP services like patents, trademark, design, copy rights, trade secrets and IP management. ITAG had kick-started the first annual conference four years back in Calcutta making the subsequent conferences travel to Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and now Bangalore.

Commenting on the event, Dr. D.R. Agarwal, Founder-Director, ITAG Solutions and Convenor of the Global IPR Conference, said: "Interestingly, USA, which is one of the most mature nations in the world regarding intellectual property rights, does not have an annual global conference of this size. Coming from a developing nation, the conference in India has been able to attract similar developing countries like Pakistan, Lebanon, UAE, Philippines and Israel where intellectual property rights business is in its nascent stage. Now, through this annual global conference, India is championing the cause of IP in corporate management."

ITAG has succeeded in roping in the Government of India, local and national chamber of commerce and a galaxy of leading Indian companies. A huge contingent of corporate India is participating in the conference which is being looked upon as an opportunity to explore IPR related business collaborations. Notable corporate participants are Maruti Suzuki, Reliance, IOC, TCS, Ranbaxy, Infosys, LG, HUL, etc. It is being promoted through web portals, emails, weekly newsletters, city visits and through ITAG's patrons who attended the previous conferences. CPA Global is the co-sponsor. Other sponsors include CBM, Ropes & Gray, Resurgent India, Philips, Gowlings, IAM, Innomantra, NBAI, United IPR, among many others.

USA and Europe are steering the conference, considering the list of key participants. Out of 340 speakers from 30 countries, four countries namely USA, Germany, Canada and the UK have a total of 150 speakers. Agarwal feels that these countries have been the torch bearers of spreading intellectual property rights awareness across the world. The subjects covered in the conference will range from IP valuation, commercialization, technology transfer, litigation, counterfeiting, analyzing techno-legal and commercial solutions to all associated problems in the field of intellectual properties. Attended by a galaxy of corporate bigwigs both from India as well as USA, the conference will deal with complex issues like patentability of business methods, software and emerging field of technologies namely electronics, telecommunications, green technologies, software, automobiles, pharmaceutical, etc.

Another aspect is the emergence of BRICS economies in providing IP competitiveness to the western nations through innovations and creativity. Several BRIC nations like Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa are coming together to consolidate the strategic interest of BRIC nations on various IPR issues.

USA and Europe too have thrown their might behind promoting intellectual property rights issues among Indian corporates. Ronn Somers, President of India-USA Business Council; Rudd Peters, Executive VP, Philips, Europe; Ray Strimanitis of Yahoo; Tabrej from Microsoft and Alan Casper, former President of American IP Law Association, are keynote speakers at the IPR conference. Agarwal said: "Their presence amplifies the American European initiative in making India the export springboard of IPR in South Asia. Finnegan and Sughrue, said to be two of the world's largest IPR legal firms from USA which handle top level patent litigations, are joining the conference in anticipation of the growing need of professional IPR consultants in Asia."

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