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Armenian Disc Sellers Allowed to Sell Old Discs without Holograms Despite Recent Government Decision

04-Jun-2013 | Source : | Visits : 7298
Prepared by: Aleksandra Pavlovic

YEREVAN - Armenian disc manufacturers and CD-store owners will be allowed to sell their already manufactured CDs and DVDs without holograms, despite recent government decision prohibiting the sale of electronic data carriers without holograms.

The recent decision still applies to the newly manufactured CDs and DVDs.

On April 25, the Armenian government decided to revise its earlier decision to prohibit the sale of all electronic data carriers without holograms, following two-week long protests in front of the government building by the CD-store owners. The sellers were discontented that, according to the new law, they have to submit to the Armenian PTO permits by foreign producer groups to reproduce their products in Armenia, noting that obtaining such permits is too costly. During the protests, the sellers prepared a letter asking the government to provide them with holograms so that they could sell their old discs.

The CD stores in Armenia closed on April 18, when the government decision came into force, as the fine for selling discs without holograms is EUR 4,640 (USD 5,990), while the sentence for a repeat violation is two years imprisonment.



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