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Abu-Ghazaleh to Call for a Change in the Traditional Learning System to Face Economic and Social Challenges

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Abu-Ghazaleh to Call for a Change in the Traditional Learning System to Face Economic and Social Challenges
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LONDON - The Gulf Education Conference and Exposition opens its doors June 19th and 20th 2013 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London with the participation of leaders and educational experts interested in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) from around the world, together in a single forum.

The Conference, now in its 3rd year, provides an opportunity for the dynamic cross-fertilization of global education programs as well as facilitating productive partnerships between international organizations, institutions, academies and universities with an interest in the MENA region.

A high level delegation representing Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) headed by its Chairman HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh is taking part in the event.

Prior to the event, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh said: “This is our second participation in the Gulf Education Conference and Exposition; we believe that this event is really important to discover unique opportunities for a better future for our children in the Gulf area and the Arab world."

He added:" Although this event focuses on the Gulf region which witnessed huge development during the last decade and still do we believe that there are still challenges and we have the chance to face them and lead the transformation in the educational systems of the Arab world."

According to Abu-Ghazaleh change in education is inevitable and opportunities for change and reform are tremendous. 

"To some extent, change in education is inevitable and has been going on as new forms of teaching and learning have emerged to accommodate globalization and technological trends. With advances in ICT technologies, education can be dramatically enhanced to support delivery to all citizens anytime and anywhere on Earth. The creation of a wider educational infrastructure accessible to the globe at large has an amazing potential in its impact on enabling better education for all," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul Khaleq Mohammad Othman, director of the organizing company         , said "We are interested in displaying the latest in the field of e-learning in the world and to also reflect the development achieved by the Middle East.

He pointed out that "facilitation, creativity and change which this conference will address and which will focus on the importance of the improvement of higher education in the globalization and digital era include other issues as the application and the many opportunities provided by the conference through the participation of a number of ministers of education and higher education in Iraq, Morocco, Kurdistan, Libya in addition to other organizations such as the Arab Universities Union and many other international institutions such as the British Council and the UK Ministry of Higher Education, Tony Blair Foundation, Cisco and Qatar Islamic Bank under the chairmanship of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani al-Thani, Alhambra Chamber of Commerce in the USA and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and a number of large universities in Britain and America.

The Gulf Education 2013 is a strategic event that provides substantial opportunities for international businesses in the education sector to create partnerships; and strike up meaningful business agreements with GCC member states.

A host of speakers representing public and private sector will take part in the event including: Dr Kevin Dunseath, Director of Education, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Cisco, Saad Rizvi, Executive Director of Efficacy, Pearson, Peter Morris, Co-Founding Shareholder and Director of WorldCare International Inc.

Professor Sultan T. Abu-Orabi Secretary General, Association of Arab Universities Dr. Joanna Newman Director of UK Higher Education International Unit, John Law Higher Education Adviser British Council in addition to others.

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