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Joint Letter Shows Broad Support for Targeted Patent Reforms

21-Oct-2013 | Source : | Visits : 6893

WASHINGTON, DC - The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and a broad cross section of industry and public interest groups urged Congress to enact common-sense patent reforms that will reduce the financial incentives that have been fueling a cottage industry of exploitative and often meritless patent suits. 

The groups’ comments came in a joint letter to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. According to BSA, signers included more than 60 technology and telecommunications companies, industry associations and public interest groups.

“It’s rare to have such broad-based political support for legislative proposals on an issue that affects so many industries,” said BSA Senior Vice President of External Affairs Matt Reid. “If Congress keeps the focus on curbing litigation abuses, there is a clear opportunity for broad consensus to enact effective legislation.” “Everyone agrees predatory patent litigation is a drag on innovation and growth, and this letter shows there is broad support for reforms that reduce the incentive to engage in it,” Reid said. “The letter proposes four targeted reform measures that will make patent litigation less expensive and more efficient. That will help deter frivolous cases where the accuser’s goal is simply to extract a settlement, not win a judgment on the merits.”


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