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Evolving Systems Granted Fourth Patent for Dynamic SIM Allocation™ Solution

21-Oct-2013 | Source : | Visits : 6025
ENGLEWOOD, Colorado - Evolving Systems Inc., a leading provider of strategic solutions to telecom operators worldwide, today announced in a press release that it has been granted a further US patent for its Dynamic SIM Allocation™ (DSA) solution.

“This is the fourth patent Evolving Systems has been granted for our DSA technology,” said Bill Chard, VP Product Management. “We are expanding the capabilities and relevance of DSA, and these patents reflect the evolution of our solution.”

DSA enables just-in-time provisioning of SIM cards, activating them only when they are first used in the network and eliminating the unnecessary costs incurred when pre-provisioning. This latest patent covers the use of DSA to grant repeated, temporary connections to classes of devices used in machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, recycling resources such as telephone numbers or MSISDNs.

Jeremy Green, Principal Analyst at Ovum, commented: “The volume of devices expected in M2M poses a challenge for numbering schemes. Solutions which are ‘numberless,’ or use alternatives such as IP addresses, present operational challenges as they prevent the use of SMS, which is used for device management, and voice, which is important in healthcare and automotive applications.”

“We believe DSA offers carriers a tremendous advance in assisting mobile operators to address the approaching numbering challenge associated with the proliferation of connected devices, as well as removing a barrier to scale in the growing M2M market,” said Thad Dupper, Evolving Systems’ Chairman & CEO. “The patent recognizes our continued innovation in the area of mobile service activation.”

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