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Korea’s Advanced Patent Administration to be Further Exported to the Middle East

31-Mar-2014 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 11819

SEOUL - The International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI) of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) will be providing customized training on Korea’s IP system and patent examination to patent examiners in Saudi Arabia from March 25th, to April 4th.

According to KIPO, this special training program was requested by the Saudi Arabian patent office. Roughly ten Saudi Arabian patent examiners will travel to Korea and receive in-depth training on Korea’s IP system, examination, patent information system, and other advanced patent administration systems and IP policies.

Since 2012, KIPO has worked hard to strengthen the examination capabilities of patent examiners in the Middle East (beginning with the Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Office [GCCPO]) by providing customized training. Thanks to such efforts, more Middle Eastern countries are now hoping to get training from KIPO. In particular, KIPO signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for IPR cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last February. The MOU included dispatching Korean patent examiners to the UAE in order to examine patents there in person and to consult on methodologies for establishing a UAE patent office, designing patent-related laws, forming patent systems, and fostering the necessary workforce.

“Throughout the ongoing training, we will spread what practical examination know-how we have thus far accumulated,” said Byun Hoon-suk, dean of IIPTI. “We will also share Korea’s advanced patent system, as well as fully lend our support to enhancing the patent administration capacity of the Middle East. It is all part of an effort to bolster exchanges and cooperation between Korea and the Middle East.”


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