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Native Advertising Specialist, ContentClick, Lets Brands Target Major Cities, Towns & Postcodes

14-May-2014 | Source : | Visits : 8413

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LONDON - ContentClick, the native advertising and sponsored content specialist, is launching a new service allowing advertisers to geo-target individual cities, towns and postcodes.

Launching on Monday 19th May, ContentClick’s advertisers will be able to run native advertising in specific geographic locations using highly tailored campaigns. By improving the targeting of advertising across its network, ContentClick aims to drive even higher consumer engagement and click-through-rates (CTR’s) for brand advertisers.

The company will simultaneously launch a partner service that lets advertisers choose the platform, device and browser that native advertising campaigns can run on. This will give brands the opportunity to target specific user groups (e.g. iPhone-using sports fans in Durham), further increasing engagement and heightening consumer relevancy.

With well over 600 publishers and bloggers signed up since January 2014, advertisers will now be able to target ContentClick’s network with region-specific content that should comfortably outperform traditional forms of online advertising. Indeed, current CTR’s already achieved by ContentClick average 2%, almost a ten-fold increase on traditional online display ads.

Backed by industry heavyweights including Sir Robin Miller as Non-Executive Chairman of parent company Digitalbox, ContentClick looks set to further strengthen its position as one of the UK’s most innovative native advertising networks.

Alex Attinger, Co-Founder of ContentClick, says: “With 100 million page impressions across our network of publishers and bloggers in just four months, the ability to drill down to individual cities or postcodes provides a rare opportunity for advertisers. Offers can also be tailored by platform ensuring that the right content is served up for different devices, something that has a profound effect on advertising engagement levels and click-through-rates.”

Based in Bath and London, Digitalbox is an online performance marketing business with a strong background in email marketing, online lead generation and content marketing. Its latest initiative is the native advertising and content marketing start-up, ContentClick. The company works with bloggers to earn extra revenue from their content whilst also providing advertisers with a unique platform for generating new customers. 


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