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iCeutica Receives Key Patent for SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology Platform

24-Sep-2014 | Source : | Visits : 6875
PHILADELPHIA. - iCeutica Inc. announced in a press release that its wholly owned subsidiary has been awarded a key patent for its SoluMatrix Fine Particle TechnologyTM platform by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent, No. 8,808,751, covers the company’s dry milling method for producing submicron-sized particles that are 10 to 200 times smaller than conventional drug particles.

“This patent further strengthens our intellectual property around the SoluMatrixTM technology, which serves as the foundation of our business model of creating enhanced branded medications with improved pharmacokinetics and therapeutic effect,” said Matt Callahan, CEO of iCeutica. “SoluMatrixTM technology has already been incorporated into two FDA approved drugs in three indications and has fueled 15 of iCeutica’s additional pipeline candidate programs. This patent grant by the USPTO is an important milestone in our goal of protecting the commercial potential of products utilizing our proprietary technology platform.”

The SoluMatrix Fine Particle TechnologyTM platform can improve novel as well as marketed drugs in several ways: by increasing oral bioavailability, reducing or eliminating food effects, achieving efficacy at lower doses, avoiding excessive peak plasma levels, improving time to onset of action and reducing pharmacokinetic variability. Utilizing this technology, iCeutica is currently developing its own pipeline of products, pursuing a broad range of indications including pain and inflammation, oncology (with a lead program in prostate cancer) and respiratory diseases.

“iCeutica partners with other pharmaceutical companies whose products may benefit from improved solubility,” said Bill Bosch, CSO of iCeutica. “Products already approved by the FDA that utilize the
SoluMatrixTM Technology under a license from iCeutica are Iroko Pharmaceutical’s Zorvolex® (diclofenac capsules), which has received approvals for two indications, including management of mild to moderate acute pain and management of osteoarthritis pain in adults and TivorbexTM(indomethacin capsules) for treatment of mild to moderate acute pain in adults.”
SoluMatrix Fine Particle TechnologyTM is a proprietary platform that enables the creation of valuable new medicines with clinically meaningful patient benefits. SoluMatrixTM technology uses a dry milling process to make finely dispersed drug particles that are 10 – 200 times smaller than conventional drug particles. The SoluMatrixTM process has the potential to create drugs that work faster, act more effectively at lower doses, have reduced side effects and allows different and more convenient product delivery for patients. 

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