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GNSO Review Supplementary 360 Assessment!

28-Oct-2014 | Source : | Visits : 7180
LOS ANGELES - To provide further input on the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO), a Supplementary 360 Assessment has been launched! According to ICANN, this Supplementary Assessment will provide survey takers with a mechanism to give valuable input into the GNSO's Working Groups. The GNSO Working Groups are one of the cornerstones of the ICANN Policy Development process, proving input on them is vital to a successful review.

The GNSO serves an important function – it is responsible for developing and recommending to the ICANN Board substantive policies relating to generic top-level domains.

The GNSO Review is part of ICANN's commitment to continuous improvement, accountability and transparency. It uses mechanisms and measures to maintain public confidence in the viability, reliability and accountability of ICANN.

ICANN's Bylaws require that its structures, including the GNSO, be reviewed on a five-year cycle. The purpose of the review is to evaluate organizational effectiveness of the GNSO, acknowledge areas that are working well, identify areas that need improvement and affect needed changes.

The quality, validity and acceptance of the GNSO Review and the resulting improvements depend on relevant and useful feedback from a diverse and representative group of people. This is the cornerstone of ICANN's bottom-up multistakeholder model.

The 360 Supplementary Assessment, a new component within the organizational reviews, is designed to gather data for an independent examiner, Westlake Governance, to use in the review process and may also inform GNSO self-improvement efforts.

The 360 Supplementary Assessment is an easy-to-use online tool for the GNSO community, other ICANN structures and community members, the Board and staff to provide valuable feedback to the independent examiner regarding Working Groups.

To participate in this survey and make your voice heard, please click here:
The 360 Assessment will be live from October 27, 2014 to November 10, 2014.
Translated versions of the survey will be posted shortly.
To contact the Independent Examiner with any questions or comments, please email Westlake Governance at the following email address:

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