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Finjan Announces Participation in the ORoPO to Promote Transparency within the Patent System

22-Jul-2015 | Source : Finjan Holdings | Visits : 6604
EAST PALO ALTO, CA - Finjan Holdings Inc., a cybersecurity company, today announced in a press release that its patents have been certified and included as a founding member of the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO). ORoPO, a voluntary non-profit agency, serves as the world's first open register of patent ownership offering a simple solution to the long-standing complex issue involving the accuracy of patent ownership. Other ORoPO founding members include leading technology companies IBM, Microsoft, ARM, BAE Systems, Shazam, Patent Properties, and Conversant. They support ORoPO to create an online platform where information about patent holders can be accessed.

"As part of our commitment to Finjan's Licensing Best Practices, we appreciate the formation of ORoPO and we are pleased to be joining forces with such high caliber partners to initiate the Open Register of Patent Ownership to protect global patents," commented Julie Mar-Spinola, Finjan's Chief Intellectual Property Officer and VP, Legal. "Patent transparency remains critical and the voluntary listing through ORoPO will allow its founding members including Finjan to lead by example and help ensure that the patent system runs optimally and continues to promote innovation worldwide."
According to research done by CIPHER AISTEMOS, a London-based IP business intelligence and strategy company, IP assets now account for up to 70% of enterprise value. Prior to the ORoPO platform, information on who owned the world's patents was recorded disparately across 160+ patent offices worldwide. ORoPO estimates that 25% of information held in these offices is either out of date, incomplete or inaccurate leading to various challenges for people seeking information about intellectual property assets.
ORoPO (Open Register of Patent Ownership) was launched in June 2015 by organizations united in a common goal -- to achieve greater transparency around patent ownership on a global scale. ORoPO provides an open data register of patents, accessible to all at no cost. 
Created nearly 20 years ago, Finjan is recognized globally as a cybersecurity pioneer and leader. Finjan's investment in innovation is evidenced by its patent portfolio and focuses on software and hardware technologies capable of proactively detecting previously unknown and emerging threats on a real-time, behavior-based basis. Finjan's innovations detect malicious code and protects end users from identity and data theft, spyware, malware, phishing, trojans, and other online threats. To date, Finjan has successfully licensed its intellectual property to major technology companies for more than $150 million. 

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