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Abu-Ghazaleh Honored as the Best Figure in the Economic Innovation of 2015 by the PTBU in Istanbul

14-Dec-2015 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 6459
Abu-Ghazaleh Honored as the Best Figure in the Economic Innovation of 2015 by the PTBU in Istanbul
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ISTANBUL – The Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union (PTBU) in Istanbul honored HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh as the best figure of 2015 in the field of economic innovation during a special event organized by the Union entitled "A Man with Determination is worth a Nation". 
This event was held under the patronage and in the presence of Mr. Arshad Hermzlo the advisor to former Turkish President Abdullah Gul, a member of the board of directors of STFA Group, Ambassador of Palestine in Istanbul Dr. Fa'ed Mustafa, the current Minister of Education of Palestine, former Minister of Communication and Information Technology Dr. Sabri Saydam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union Mr. Mazen Al-Hasasneh, and a host of  Palestinian community figures and Turkish figures. 
During his address in the event, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh thanked the organizers and the audience for this honoring. Addressing various Arab communities especially the Palestinian and the Syrian in foreign countries, he added "We should not focus on protecting competencies against immigration but be keen on creating competencies that can provide knowledge, experience and skills to the world. In the knowledge era, competencies must not be limited to a place. For that, we have to focus on its creation to serve the country and the world by providing services and knowledge through ICT."
He also stated "Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization became the largest company in several fields, especially in Intellectual Property protection based on IT. Through IT, it has kept pace with different developments and it has headed other competitors. This leads us to work together to be knowledge makers.
Addressing the Union, he stressed "the Organization puts different services under the disposal of the PTBU", pointing out that it was agreed to sign a mutual cooperation agreement in several fields especially in supporting the Union and our people in Palestine, linking the Palestinian businessmen with those aboard in addition to linking the Palestinian community with the foreign community; especially as we are living in the era of knowledge. As a result, the geographic borders and the nationality would not limit cooperation and knowledge sharing; thanks to electronic transactions. 
He also thanked the Union, all its guests and those in charge of organizing the honoring ceremony through which the honorary shield was presented by the event sponsor and the chairman of the board of directors of the Union. In addition, the committee of the Youth Worker Union presented an honorary shield to Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh.
Ambassador of Palestine in Istanbul HE Mr. Khalid Mustafa expressed his happiness for being among this crowd to participate in this special event that carries loyalty to a national Palestinian and a distinguished international innovative figure that we cherish and are proud of.  
Dr. Saydam stated that "the man with determination who gathers us today represents the determination of Palestinian men that we are proud of", pointing out that "we all stop at several stations of despair in our lives and that our objectives are not enough for us, but with such Palestinian figure as Dr Abu-Ghazaleh we believe that the Palestinian people would never give up."
He added "after a long thinking to provide a census of the Palestinians around the world and the varying estimates, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh, through the employees of his Organization, was able to come with a result: there are thirty million Palestinians around the world", pointing out to that this man's efforts for Palestinian and Arab are tireless. 
Considering his support to Palestinians, it is clear that he, in a short period, was able to extend his services to several places where nobody came out or in. For example, he opened a knowledge station in Jerusalem, a center for the children of Samu', a center for blinds in Jenin, a center for Bedouins in Tubas and another center in Tal Al-Hawa of Gaza, a center for children with disabilities in Gaza and then went back to Khan Younis.   
Chairman of Board of Directors Mazen Al-Hasasneh stated "my words about Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh describe a simple portion of the life of this international Palestinian prominent figure. Any Palestinian or Arab must be proud of ", pointing out that he is one of the international figures who embody the real Palestinians and one of the campaigner for the Palestinian identity and their national rights. 
He added "he became the most influential figure in the region in addition to being the most creative in knowledge-based fields. He is also a strong advocate for his national rights. He is a national mark registered for Arab people who are proud of him as being one of the inspiring Palestinians.” 

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