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Amman Chamber of Commerce and LES-AC Hold a Workshop on IP and Licensing Basics

16-Dec-2015 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 6607
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AMMAN - Licensing Executives Society-Arab Countries (LES-AC), in cooperation with Amman Chamber of Commerce, held a workshop under the title "Intellectual Property and Licensing Basics".  

The workshop held at the Chamber Headquarters was sponsored by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman of LES-AC and HE Mr. Issa Haidar Murad, chairman of Amman Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh, Mr. Mahmoud Lattouf, executive director of TAG-Domain stated that Intellectual Property Rights are a suitable tool for technology transfer. They enable companies wishing to develop their operations, or open up new fields to use such technology. He added that licenses are for trademarks, patents, technology transfer, or copyrights. A company wishing to use another company's invention has to obtain a license.

He pointed out that using licenses for technology transfer is the right step towards the development of business environment and bringing advanced technology from developed countries. These licenses enable companies to benefit from the latest inventions, which creates environment that encourages development and innovation in similar fields.

For his part, on behalf of Chairman and members of Amman Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Tarek Tabbaa, member of the Chamber welcomed the attendees, and expressed hope that this workshop would be a beginning for further meetings that would strengthen bonds of communication in various fields. 

He stressed on the significance of LES-AC's role in raising awareness about intellectual property basics, methods of protection, and basis and issues of international licenses.

During the workshop, participants discussed a number of issues including the lack of awareness among Arabs and Jordanians with regard to the importance of Intellectual Property and licensing, violations of copyrights or patents, and the importance of developing laws that deter fraud and patent and copyright infringement.  
The attendees also discussed the reasons why individuals from local community tend to violate these rights, and called upon Amman Chamber of Commerce and LES-AC for holding awareness workshops on intellectual property and licensing that target college and university students, as well as the broader community. 

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