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Reliable One Resources Announces Patent Pending Desalination Technology

17-Jan-2016 | Source : Reliable One Resources | Visits : 5926
LAKE TAHOE - Reliable One Resources Inc., formed to provide innovative water treatment technology and processes, announced in a press release “patent pending” status for its industry-disruptive desalination process, which has the potential to mitigate or alleviate the world’s rapidly growing water shortage crisis.

The desalination process that the company has developed is an integrated technological platform that includes a proprietary media made of recently discovered carbon to carbon atomic bonds blended together with other unique and innovative materials so that water molecules can pass through the media while entrapping the salt ions.

According to Chief Operative Officer Tom Warnes, co-inventor of the Reliable One process, the system he and his team have devised allows water to fall from a gravity feed into a container with a conveyor belt structure at the bottom that is made of Reliable One’s media.  Water molecules freely pass through the media while salt ions are entrapped.  An air knife is utilized for cleaning of the belt, as well as aggregation of the salt ions for ease of disposal or reuse.

According to Derek Mans, Reliable One’s engineer and co-inventor of the technology, the system is able to convert sea water into potable water at .000903 cents per gallon or approximately one eighth the cost of reverse osmosis systems and one-tenth the cost of double distillation systems, which are the predominant desalination technologies currently employed. In order to get seawater (which is 30,000 ppm chloride) to potable standards it must be taken down to less than 100 parts per million (ppm).

Conducted under strict testing guidelines at certified water laboratories, seawater passing through Reliable One’s media consistently comes in well under potable requirements at 40-50 ppm.  Reliable One is commencing the construction of a mobile demonstration unit that will be able to process 360,000 gallons per day. According to Warnes, the unit is currently in development and prototyping and will be unveiled in the coming months.
Dr. Robert Russell, in a recent speech titled, “What Will the World Look Like in 2030?” commented, “In 2030, two-thirds of the world will be in water scarcity.  Aquifers that have been relied on for centuries are running dry, and many have already been depleted. There simply isn’t enough fresh water to support the 7 billion people we’ll have in fourteen short years.”

According to Ralph Avallone, Secretary General of the Green Energy Council, and one of many consultants to the current administration’s energy policy, “Considering the lack of fresh water in today’s world, if Reliable One’s discovery desalinates seawater to potable water at one-eighth to one-tenth the cost of current technologies, it may well be one of the most important discoveries of our generation.  The ability to provide fresh affordable water when currently there are 1.2 billion people that do not have clean water to drink is what we are talking about here.  I’m not sure that you can put a price on that.”

Reliable One Resources is utilizing industry proven, patent pending technology and proprietary processes to provide desalination technology and water treatment solutions to the oil and gas industry, as well as commercial, industrial, and municipal deployment.  The company will continue to identify emerging opportunities in the desalination, water treatment and, purification sectors.

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