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Tessera Receives Favorable Notice of Initial Determination in Broadcom ITC Investigation

02-Jul-2017 | Source : Tessera Technologies Inc. | Visits : 5397
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Tessera Technologies Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries, announced in a press release that Administrative Law Judge Sandra Dee Lord of the US International Trade Commission ("ITC"), issued a Notice of Initial Determination ("ID") in Certain Semiconductor Devices, Semiconductor Device Packages, And Products Containing Same, Investigation No. 337-TA-1010. Tessera is a subsidiary of Xperi Corporation.

The notice includes only a brief summary of the ID's conclusions. According to the notice, ALJ Lord found a violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act due to infringement of US Patent No. 6,849,946 by Broadcom and its named customers. She found that US Patent No. 6,133,136 was infringed and valid, but found no violation due to lack of domestic industry. She found no violation with respect to US Patent No. 6,856,007.

The parties and their counsel have not yet received the full ID, which is subject to confidentiality restrictions. Thus, no further details on the substance of the decision, including details about the scope of the ALJ's infringement finding, are available at this time. After the Company's counsel receives the full ID, which it anticipates to be within the next few days, the Company will determine whether further comment on the decision is appropriate.

The ID is now subject to review by the Commissioners at the ITC. Any remedies would not issue until the completion of the investigation, which at this time is scheduled for October 30, 2017.

Tessera and Invensas are subsidiaries of Xperi Corporation. Over the past 27 years, research and development at both Tessera and Invensas has led to significant innovations in semiconductor packaging technology, which has been widely licensed and is found in billions of electronic devices globally. Invensas develops next-generation semiconductor packaging and interconnect technologies for memory, mobile, computing and automotive applications. Through collaborative partnerships with world-class manufacturing companies and high-volume equipment and materials suppliers, Invensas licenses these technology solutions to original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, integrated device manufacturers, fabless device suppliers, foundries and outsourced assembly and test providers, and supports the technology transfer at customer-designated sites. Additionally, Invensas' low temperature wafer bonding technologies target the image sensor, DRAM, MEMS, RF and 2.5D logic markets.

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