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New ‘European Network of Authenticities’ Website - EUIPO

02-Sep-2021 | Source : European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) | Visits : 2496
ALICANTE - The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) announced in a press release that it has launched a new European Network of Authenticities website. This online platform aims to promote the network of Authenticities by reaching out to potential stakeholders and providing useful information on the project.

This initiative is designed to empower authorities at the local level to engage citizens and other stakeholders with the aim of increasing intellectual property awareness at the local level and enhancing the protection of IP rights. The network carries out a series of IP-related activities, like awareness campaigns, training courses for enforcement authorities, and educational activities.

Currently, there are four Authenticities: Thessaloniki, Sofia, Plovdiv, and Mykonos. The EUIPO is proud to announce that new Authenticities will join the network very soon, allowing best practices to be shared and new synergies to be created.

The network brings together national and regional intellectual property offices in the EU, municipalities across the EU, and local organizations in the context of the European Cooperation project ECP8.

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