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Bosphorus Summit Honors Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh

04-Jul-2022 | Source : AG-IP-News Agency | Visits : 2012
Bosphorus Summit Honors Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh

Special to AG-IP-News Agency 

AMMAN – The Bosphorus Summit honored HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, founder and chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global), in recognition of his extraordinary efforts in his capacity as the Honorary President of the Summit over the past 10 years by presenting him a wax statue of His Excellency.

The statue was presented by Mr. Cengiz Özgencil, president and founder of the International Cooperation Platform (UIP-ICP) - the entity organizing the Bosphorus Summit, in the presence of Mr. Arshad Hermzlo, senior adviser to Turkey Republic's former President HE Abdullah Gul. On this occasion, Mr. Özgencil stated :“Presenting the statue reflects our appreciation for Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh’s efforts and his continued support to the Summit over the past years, not to mention his contributions, which positively impacted and will continue to influence its success and development,.”

He further indicated that the designation of Honorary President of the Summit upon Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh is attributed to the fact that he is a prominent global economist, renowned for his creative and innovative ideas, wide knowledge and rich experience.” Mr. Ozgencil went on to add that, “The honoring came on the occasion of the Bosphorus Summit in its 13th edition to remain as a historic evidence to what Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh presented to the entire world through the Summit.”

It is worth mentioning that the International Cooperation Platform (UIP-ICP) organizes the Bosphorus Summit annually with the aim of raising issues of common interests among countries worldwide. It is held with the participation of hundreds of high-ranking personalities including heads of states, ministers, intellectuals and businessmen. The international gathering is a platform for conducting regional meetings, dialogue sessions and signing cooperation agreements.

For his part, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his appreciation and gratitude for this one-of-its-kind gesture, affirming his pride in the achievements of the Platform and the Summit over the past years; which allowed him to develop his own perspectives and knowledge by sharing and knowing more about world's significant experiences, not to forget the great opportunity it provides to meet with elite  global personalities, most notably former Turkish President HE Abdullah Gul.

On the other hand, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh commended the Bosphorus Summit’s role in achieving a qualitative transition towards a ‘New World Order’, saying the Summit is considered a think tank organization that collects all opinions and ideas to promote positivity and bridge differences on various economic, political, social, cultural and other issues.

In conclusion, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh suggested that this year's Summit theme and agenda will discuss ‘How to Form a New World Order’ that is democratic, as well as a mechanism for drafting a global constitution, noting that today no democratic world order exists.


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