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JinkoSolar Holds One of the Largest Portfolio of Granted TOPCon Patents in the World

02-Jan-2024 | Source : JinkoSolar Holding Co. | Visits : 4901

SHANGRAO - JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd., one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, announced that after almost six years, JinkoSolar has been granted 330 TOPCon patents, overtaking most brands on the N-type TOPCon patent list, a press release stated by JinkoSolar. 

With one of the largest number of granted N-type TOPCon patents, JinkoSolar is a leader in N-type TOPCon technology. The company is fully focused on sustaining its technical leadership based on its extensive intellectual property rights.

As a leading global photovoltaic company, JinkoSolar attaches great importance to intellectual property rights and continuously pursues independent innovation. Up to now, JinkoSolar has applied for over 3500 patents and has been granted more than 2000 patents. These patents cover a wide range of high efficiency solar cell and module technologies, including PERC, TOPCon, and BC.

Based on patent filings solar PV has become one of the fastest-growing technologies and N-type TOPCon is now one of the hottest areas of innovation. There should be no surprise therefore that TOPCon has become mainstream and is impacting patent registrations, which continue to grow yearly. The TOPCon products manufactured and sold by JinkoSolar globally are based on its own patented technology.

With the rapid development of technology and increasingly fierce competition in the solar industry, JinkoSolar continues to strive to develop its technology by conducting extensive research aimed at producing new and advanced technology that is ever more efficient. In addition, JinkoSolar will continuously monitor the market and fully protect its intellectual property.


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