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Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property / TOKYO 2018 Held

05-Nov-2018 | Source : Japan Patent Office | Visits : 5463
TOKYO - ”Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property / TOKYO 2018 Global Collaboration for IP Dispute Resolution”  was held in Tokyo, Japan, co-hosted by the Japan Patent Office (JPO), the Supreme Court of Japan, the Intellectual Property High Court, the Ministry of Justice, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and the IP Lawyers Network Japan.

Over the course of two days, according to JPO, around 900 attendees, such as lawyers and patent attorneys and people working in the field of intellectual property (IP) were present, including; Mr. Kunihiko Shimano, Deputy Commissioner, Ms. Reeko Imamura, Director-General of the Trial and Appeal Department(TAD) and Mr. Toshihide Abe, Executive Chief Administrative Judge from the JPO, Mr. Carl Josefsson, President of the Boards of Appeal(BoA) from the European Patent Office (EPO), Mr. Scott Weidenfeller Vice Chief Patent Judge of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board(PTAB) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), judges from the US, the UK, Germany and France, Mr. Tsuneuki Yamamoto, Justice, the Supreme Court of Japan, Ms. Makiko Takabe, Chief Judge, the Intellectual Property High Court and Mr. Yutaro Kikuchi, President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

On the first day, mock trials regarding patent validity issues in patent infringement litigation were performed by judges from Japan, the US, the UK, Germany and France. On the second day, a keynote speech was given by Mr. Kunihiko Shimano, Deputy Commissioner of the JPO. Then, speeches on the subject of “The Latest Situation of Trials and Appeals of Each Office” and “Introduction of Trial and Appeal System for Patent Invalidation of Each Office” were given, followed by panel discussions on “Trial and Appeal Procedures for Patent Invalidation” and “Whether or Not Claims Can Be Corrected/Amended in a Trial for Invalidation/IPR/Opposition” by the administrative judges from the JPO, the EPO and the USPTO and patent attorneys.

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